January 3, 2009


The information in this blog is a compilation of experience gathered through the deployment of service oriented messaging infrastructures supporting enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies and product solutions (i.e. COTS) for global deployments. This document is not targeted to any specific environment or vendor technology but relates to the practice of implementing service oriented designs using message brokering.

Contrary to the position taken by many SOA technology vendors, it is not necessary to purchase large, elaborate infrastructures to implement an enterprise service bus. In fact, simply adhering to service oriented architecture principles while deploying a messaging infrastructure will naturally evolve into an enterprise service bus over time.

This blog is intended to save the reader from natural evolution, trials and errors of the organic growth of their systems and help direct that evolution via more successful paths without relying on expensive consultants. While there is no perfect recipe for all organizations and needs, there are certainly a set of best practices which will improve the odds for any enterprise solution endeavor. It is the goal of this blog is to describe in some detail many of those best practices and elicit discussions of their effects.


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This is a low frequency blog on implementing SOA designs using message brokering. It is a list of practical tips developed over several years deploying service oriented systems for targeted and mass deployments in the telecommunications carrier and electric utility markets.

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